Customer Testimonials


"We really have appreciated i4homedesign's one on one service. Keeping to their timelines and great input when designing homes for custom clients, has created ease in our home building process. "

-Carston Siebert w/ High Mark Homes, Grande Prairie AB.

"Monte's knowledge in the construction field and the 3d program truly give my customers a good feel of the home we are about to construct."

-Andy w/ Lavender Homes, Grande Prairie AB.

"We came to you with a unique and difficult project, instead of turning us away, you guys helped transform our dream into a reality."

-Jeff & Amy Drysdale, Grande Prairie AB.

"I have been working with i4homedesign for over 3 years now. I believe i4homedesign is one of the reasons we are successful today."

-Andy w/Lavender Homes, Grande Prairie AB.

"It was a pleasure working with "eyeforhomedesign" for our new house.
They are prompt, professional and their experience and attention to detail is second to none. It made the house design process pleasurable.

Blair & Carly Ford, Grande Prairie, AB.

"The 3d was absolutely outstanding and we could truly see the finished product... I would highly recommend i4Homedesign to anyone wanting to build their 'Dream Home'."

-Brenda Larkin, Debolt AB.

"I wanted to let you know how happy I was with the blueprints. The plans were clear, concise, and easy to work with."

-Gordon Frentz, Grande Cache AB.

"We appreciate that you made the process of designing our house easy as well as giving us helpful information along the way."

- Tony & Susan Perrotta, Grande Prairie, AB

"As we were designing our house we especially like the fact that we could see it in a 3D form. We could actually see what our house would look like..."

- Tony & Susan Perrotta, Grande Prairie, AB

" Everything with the plans have been bang on!!!! Everything is on schedule for completion!! Thanks again for doing the plans."

-Bob Poulious, Grande Cache AB.

Common Initial Questions.

What does it cost?

What do I need to bring to our first meeting?
We have worked off of everything, including a napkin sketch. The reality is the more details you have thought through, the better you will be able to convey what you want. This form may help get some of the basic questions out of the way. During your initial meeting, we will walk through any other pertinent questions.
Click for form -> Fillable Form PDF
Other items like pictures, sample layouts, graph paper sketches are all useful.
Do I need to have a builder picked out before I get my print done?
Short answer, No.
Will it help? Possibly. Different builders have different standard building practices. Sometimes builders use different products or practices because of their familiarity, or because of a product they desire to provide. Our suggestion is to work hand in hand with a builder to get the best final product. We are able to recommend several quality builders, many that we already have great working relations with, upon request.
How many proofs do I get?
We realize that sometimes you need that extra little bit of help deciding what you want. In light of this we have always included 2 free proofs prior to finalizing. As well as the option for additional proofs at an hourly fee if needed.
How long till I get my print?
Timelines differ slightly based on season (Dates aprox.).
March-September: 3-4 wk turn around per stage.
October-February: 1-2 wk turn around per stage.
Our goal is always to get you in within a reasonable timeframe.
Feel free to call for up to date turnaround times.
How many copies of the blueprints do I get?
Based on standard usage of prints you get 8 full sets of blueprints.
The added bonus is you also get an electronic version of the prints at no extra cost.
[PDF Version] - You can then email this versions to your subtrades, bank, supply store and so on.
Typically this is more than ample for the industry requirements, but extra prints can be made available for a small fee upon request.
What if I am from out of town?
We have provided prints through-out Canada.
Gander, NFLD, Regina, SK., Edmonton, AB and Trail B.C., to mention a few locations.
We have the ability to offer the full scope of our service online with Web Conferencing. With this technology you are able to meet and view the 'live' full 3d walkthroughs through an online meeting.
Are these the construction documents we build off of?
Time has proven that they are some of the most adequate
working construction documents in the Peace Region.
These are the prints that the bank needs for mortgage approvals,
the building materials supplier does their 'take offs' from,
or any of your contractor/subtrades need to quote/work from.

Render/Image Questions.

Is that actually what it is going to look like?
Yes. Customers have often commented on how accurate of a representation the 3d walkthroughs/renders depicted their homes once completed. Finishes aside, it enables the spatially 'challenged' to really conceptualize what their home will look like once complete.
What can you provide me (a builder) for marketing materials?
Not many draftsmen can offer as diverse of a portfolio as we can.
We can provide everything from standard marketing floor plans,
3d model visualization on your own devices, to full house rendered videos.
High end renderings, watercolor renderings, artistic line drawings, we have it all.
Can you change the color of paint in the house?
Yes we can. However, as we have never attempted to establish an interior decorating business, we guard against too much interior designing. Typically, we discuss siding type/color, rock type, and other exterior finishes to include them in the initial input. Any further decorating is typically done during revision meetings and is tracked hourly.

Other Questions.

Do I own the copyright to the blueprints?
Further reading, as per standard industry practice and copyright laws.
Click PDF on this subject.

Written by Patricia Hawke .
What if I am struggling with ideas?
Here is a link to houzz. Website full of ideas.

houzz - kitchen design, bathroom design, landscaping and more

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